Time Management 101

Helloooo Saturday Peeps! I had a lovely long chat with my daughter last night (seriously, it was like 1am!). She's trying to organise her life because she has a lot more going on now. So I thought I'd share with y'all what we talked about regarding time management for students. Prioritise: What's most important? What [...]


Is Your Child Stressed?

Morning lovely Wednesday Peeps! I spoke the other day about SATs Prep and Instilling Confidence in Children. I can't stress how important those are, but perhaps a more urgent issue is learning to read the signs that they are stressed. What to look out for: Insular, withdrawn and anti-social (more than normal for a teenager) Lack of communication [...]

Education Begins At Home

Hey-ho Peeps! Just been thinking about little kiddos and how they learn...it fills my heart with joy to see friends on Facebook teaching their kids to cook or taking them on nature walks. Too many people think learning just comes from books: Books are great and should be encouraged, but are not the only way [...]