Budget Update: Real Life

Hello Monday Peeps! I'm far too hyper for a Monday morning, maybe because it's the 17th anniversary of our engagement....aww I love the old man! 😉 I thought I'd give you a budget update; January is a pain in the butt, but we knew it would be so it's OK. I have 3 savings pots [...]

More Ways To Save

Morning Peeps! A little while back I wrote a couple of posts about savings (Financial Check-Up and Different Saving Styles). We want to save more now because we have some long-term goals, a daughter who will head off to university in not many years and we actually can save now we're debt-free! I'm sure at some point [...]

New Year, New Budget

It's Friday Peeps! If you haven't done so already, January is an excellent time to review your finances. There are 2 aspects to this, budgeting and goal-setting. Firstly, check on the health of your monthly budget, if there are any issues then deal with those first (or at least have a plan to if they [...]