Going to the Chapel and We’re Gonna Get Married

Howdy Peeps! Well we're not getting married, we did that almost 17 years ago! However, today is the day my youngest cousin (on dad's side) finally gets married! He is marrying such a lovely girl, who has been part of our family for years now. It's so lovely to celebrate a marriage, especially with such [...]

Money and Stuff

Hello Saturday Peeps! Sorry for being MIA earlier this week, thought I'd give you a nice long post to make up for it! šŸ˜‰ It's been a change-filled week, quite a lot of it money related, so I thought I'd share in case it can help any of you lovely Peeps. Firstly, it's 7 months [...]

Financial Check-Up

Hi-de-hi Peeps! April brings the start of the new financial year in England. So Mr.B and I had a good old chat and did some calculating yesterday. The thing with the annualĀ bills (like council tax and water, which have recently arrived) is that the monthly payments are never quite equal... you have to watch out [...]