Happy New Year…yes, really!

Hi-de-ho Peeps! 6th April marks the start of a new financial/tax year in the UK. Just thought it was a good idea to stop and take stock of our budget, look at how our goals for this calendar year have progressed and obviously, start on the tax return. (Is it sad that I enjoy that? [...]


Financial Check-Up

Hi-de-hi Peeps! April brings the start of the new financial year in England. So Mr.B and I had a good old chat and did some calculating yesterday. The thing with the annual bills (like council tax and water, which have recently arrived) is that the monthly payments are never quite equal... you have to watch out [...]

Fun With Learning

Hey-ho Peeps! Monday means one thing...school. But before you all groan, I've got some ideas here for making learning more fun: Maths Little ones like to pretend by copying adults, so get some toy money and let them set up shop with your tinned goods, toys or just about anything else! Simple money maths, like [...]

Feeling the Financial Pinch?

Hi-de-ho Peeps! Apparently, today is a normal working day...so let's deal with a normal kinda problem; funds. A lot of people will be counting the cost of Christmas and either facing a 5 week month before payday (if they got paid early) or, like us, are waiting for payday to sort it all out for January. [...]

10 Cheap or Free Ways to Entertain the Kiddos!

I've had a very hectic day, so apologies for the late post: Part of my day was having lovely friends over for lunch, with their 2 smallest munchkins ❤ So it got me thinking..... Free Entertainment for Kids: Look for animals: Whether walking or in a car, look for wildlife, farm animals or even city-dwellers [...]

Food Budget 101

OK folks, a double-whammy this lovely, wet summer's day: Food and Finance. Before you roll your eyes and run away, remember I'm here to make this easier, not a chore! So here's my top tips for grocery budgeting. Set a time and price: Whether you do your shop daily, weekly or monthly is entirely down [...]