Good for the Mind, Body and Soul

Morning Peeps! I recently went on a Young People's Mental Health course because it's good for my career development and, more importantly, it may help my daughter during exam season. There are several things that can help with stress, anxiety and depression so I thought I'd share in case anyone out there needs the support [...]



Morning Peepy Peep-Peeps! Sorry, I'm sleep deprived and therefore crazier than usual...but it sounds cute though; like little birdies....I digress... Seriously though, I want to talk to you about Peace. God wants us to have it and a lot of us don't. There are lots of kinds of peace and all of them good for [...]

Education Begins At Home

Hey-ho Peeps! Just been thinking about little kiddos and how they fills my heart with joy to see friends on Facebook teaching their kids to cook or taking them on nature walks. Too many people think learning just comes from books: Books are great and should be encouraged, but are not the only way [...]