A New Week and 2 New Planner Themes

Morning peeps! I think I showed you what I got for my planner with my Christmas etsy voucher (thanks mum) but in case I didn't (or you weren't here then) it included these weekly pages: So I was thinking it's half term holidays this week so something fun and childish, the colours instantly made me [...]

Recipe Pit-Stop

Yo Monday Peeps, Let's do this thing! There are sooooooooooo many great recipes around I just had to share some. Y'all know I love a good quiche...this one from Andrea (at Cooking with a Wallflower) is filled with yummy spinach...defo on my menu! I've recently discovered Elsie LMC and she shared these easy, but pretty, [...]

Happy Pancake Day!

Afternoon Peeps! It's Shrove Tuesday, so tomorrow begins Lent! We have pancakes on this day as they were used to clear out the pantry before fasting begins. Lent is just over 40 days to represent the 40 that Jesus fasted in the desert, overcoming temptation. Interestingly, there are enough spare days over 40 that you [...]

Basic Batter = Quick + Tasty

G'day! I hope it's great so far. I thought I'd share this quick and easy recipe for you to enjoy. Ingredients: 6oz/150g flour (plain or wholemeal) 6floz/175ml milk 4floz/120ml water 2 eggs pinch of salt oil for cooking This is my go-to pancake recipe but can be varied as shown below. Basic Pancakes: Whisk all [...]