Wednesday Blog For All

How-do Peeps! This was totally meant to be a sensible blog post about recipes or education or something...but I couldn't do that without mentioning that it's WORLD PENGUIN DAY! So those little guys are not there because it's 8 months til Christmas (although it is) they're here to remind us of the variety and conservation [...]


Making Friends

Morning Peeps! Three weeks today is Christmas Eve! So if you have people you want to make gifts for, or kids to entertain, you can have a go at making these little chums! For the Snowmen I used the YouTube guide I blogged about in Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful… but I used the same method [...]

Holiday Snaps…As Promised

Afternoon Peeps! Special edition post before the holiday novelty wears off.... Las Caletillas was beautiful, but most of the pics are of Loro Parque (Voted best zoo in Europe and second best in the world!) Teenager wanted to go as they have the world's largest penguinarium...they weren't kidding! Aside from penguins you'll see cats big [...]