Hello Blog Peeps!

Sorry I've been MiA but it's been a crazy couple of weeks! In the last fortnight..... my daughter has been to hospital 3 times (she's fine, hurt her toe but going there is a whole thing going to medical places with covid ppe and ringing up the day before just to get a dressing changed), [...]


27th January

Yo peeps! Happy Monday! Today is Holocaust memorial day and I want us to pause to remember those lost and the heroes that saved so many. God bless them and their descendants. Today should also be my baby girl's birthday....but it's not for another 10 days!! I remember this day so clearly, I was so [...]

A Planner Theme Or 2

Afternoon Peeps! Sorry for late posting but Mr.B and I have been out shopping and munching as it's our anniversary. I said yesterday that I was trying to get a few weeks ahead with my planner, so I thought I'd show you how far I've got: Sunset theme... I was going to gradient all the [...]