20 Years….

Morning Peeps! Just wanted to share with you all a special occasion.... 20 years ago today I got baptised! 🙂 We believe in full-body baptisms, like in the Bible, and only when the person is ready to commit their life to Christ. I'd prayed the prayer, asking Jesus to come into my life, about 6 [...]


Hi-de-ho Peeps! I want to talk to you about prayer and meditation. Mr.B has been studying James Allen's books and one of them talks in-depth about meditation, so we started talking about it in our little family. The word meditation freaks a lot of people out because it conjures up ideas of chanting and being untrue [...]

Child-Like Theology

Howdy Peeps! I've been thinking about that verse a lot since I've been reading the Anne of Green Gables books...again. Love them so and have done since I was younger than she is in the first book! If you don't know the stories I highly recommend them, but here's a quick breakdown; the first book [...]