Some PMA For A New-Start Monday

Morning Peeps! Happy St. George's Day to those of you reading in sunny England! Thanks for support yesterday my lovelies... 203!!! YAY! Regarding the fitness, last night I did 100 reps on step thingy and extra long dog walk, but didn't get up early enough today so need some PMA to keep going...thought I'd share [...]


Sugar Free or Not Sugar Free?

Afternoon Peeps 🙂 Great (but chaotic) morning here, how's your day going? I was reading an article recently by Davina McCall about how she went sugar-free with her diet. I tried it once last year and only managed about 10 days, so thought it was too harsh for me. Surprisingly, fitness-queen Davina said much the same. [...]

A Random Update…

Morning Peeps! I thought I'd share a few random thoughts with you this morning, feel free to share yours too! 🙂 Faith-wise, I've been trying to read through the book of Acts, the coming of the Holy Spirit and all the miracles and early works of the first believers...I'm really enjoying it (as you can [...]