Recipe Catch-Up

.Hi-de-ho Peeps! I think I've just about caught up after the holidays... why does it take twice as long as the holiday itself? Just thought I'd share with you the recipes I've seen (while playing catch-up) that I'm excited to try. Sometimes, the simple things in life are the best! That's certainly true of this [...]


Breakfast Options

Morning Peeps! I'm feeling much better today, thanks for the thoughts and prayers yesterday, (teenager is getting there, poor baby) but it means I'm really hungry this morning so I thought I'd share the breakfast options we have to choose from: Cereal or porridge, self-explanatory Fruit (Today we have apples, grapes, raspberries and bananas) Toasted [...]

Daniel Plan Update

Thought I'd share my progress and yesterday's lunch recipe with y'all 🙂 I lost 2lbs this week, which is a good start on a new journey (especially considering I haven't been exactly saintly about the 'no refined sugar' thing). Ages ago I shared these tortilla recipes and I mentioned tostadas but don't think I really did [...]