Top Tips for SATs Prep

Hellooooo Friday Peeps! Just wanted to have a little chat about the upcoming SAT tests for year 6 pupils (and some year 5s if applicable). I've seen a lot of stressed out and panicky kids this week as we're getting seriously close to exam season. (If you have GCSE or A-Level offspring then please see [...]

School Holidays

Morning Peeps! I'm enjoying the holidays and think the teenager is too! The thing is that I'm often asked if pupils should work through the holidays. Parents want their kids to do the best they can, which is great...but we live in a society that puts tremendous pressure on children to achieve. Children will have [...]

Random Stuff for Everyone

Howdy Peeps! First and foremost, Congrats to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!! Royal wedding here we come! (Hopefully a holiday day too?) Nice touch using his mum's diamonds to make the ring... RIP Princess Diana. Secondly, it's nearly Christmas...this last day or two there have been poor, freezing workers out putting up our Christmas tree [...]

School Stuff!

How-do Peeps! So I realized my Christmas-obsessed-self hasn't done an education post for a while, so I thought I'd combine the two. Christmas is a brilliant time to get school stuff. It's cheap because it's not 'back to school' time, there's loads of choice and they may need replacing after a whole term! Boring but [...]