Happy Father’s Day!

Howdy Peeps! Happy Father's Day to all the Dads, Grandads Step-dads and other male role models out there! I'm so grateful for my husband (who is an amazing daddy), my dad, daddy-in-law and grandpas. I'm so lucky to have them all! Whether or not you have these people in your life, there are still lots [...]


Disney’s Awesome Example

Morning Peeps! I read yet another article yesterday about Disney being 'archaic' and 'a bad role model' for girls: I couldn't disagreeĀ more! It's true that the classic princesses (up until The Little Mermaid) are more demure damsels-in-distress types, but they are there for nostalgia's sake now and most children would rather watch the more modernĀ ones [...]

Teach Them The Important Stuff

How-do Peeps! I hope you're all safe and warm? This storm Eleanor is the worst I've seen since we've lived here! Anyhoo, as a mum and a teacher, I am very aware of the responsibility to teach kids the right things. Sadly, we live in a world that doesn't always support those ideals. These are [...]