Stay Safe!

Morning peeps! Weather warnings across the south of England today. I attempted to go to uni, got to the petrol station and changed my mind... in the mile between here and there I saw branches, 2 fences down and a river on the verge of flooding (literally level with the pavement). Also, while at the [...]


Prayers for storm victims

Howdy Peeps! Please pray for the people suffering in storms at the moment. There have been people killed in Indonesia and Florida and we currently have insane weather here in Cornwall. Thousands without power or ability to escape their flooded areas, debris injuring people and travel halted. So our thoughts and prayers are with you [...]

Weather Watch

Howdy Peeps! The weather's pretty shocking out there...everything from rivers of rainwater to trees killing power lines. I just hope you're all safe, dry and warm... don't go out if you don't have to. If you do go out; wrap up warm, take emergency supplies, drive extra carefully and check local reports. God bless Peeps. [...]

School Holidays! :)

Happy Friday Peeps! If you haven't done so already, many schools will break up today for summer! 🙂 Even though we don't until Tuesday, it's all fun stuff from here onwards: the teenager is doing a sponsored walk today and bad performance Monday and half day/assembly Tuesday. So as it's (practically) the end of term, [...]