Foodie Crush

Howdy Friday Peeps!Trying to look for healthy recipes (so I don't eat junk all through my crazy summer shifts) and want them easy and with veggie options (we are a divided house on the whole meat-eating thing). I know, I don't ask for much. LOL! Well I found some trendy one-bowl things that ticked all [...]

Healthy Recipe Ideas

Hey-ho Peeps! Now I'm 3 weeks into new year's health plan and looking for more healthy recipe ideas (please share if you have any). Last year I shared this blog; Healthy Eating, which seems a good place to start. I love a good salad, but get into a groove of the same 2 or 3...but I [...]

Caprese Salad…My Way

Hellooooooo Peeps! First things's 16 weeks til CHRISTMAS!!!! 🙂 There. I've got it out of my system....shall we move on? I wouldn't exactly call this a recipe post (it requires 4 cold ingredients arranged on a plate) but I thought I would share my version. Caprese Salad usually contains Mozzarella, Tomatoes and Basil (layered) [...]

First Recipe Post of the Year

Happy Sunday Peeps! I've been looking for inspiration this morning and found so many yummy recipes, I simply must share with you! So here they are: This recipe for Vegan meatloaf caught my eye on Healthy Happy Hippie's blog. I'd be curious to try it because I often enjoy vegan food (although not being vegan, I may [...]