Craft Shop Update!

Good Morning my lovely Peeps! I'm completely hyper because we move into our new church building this morning and I'm getting really good stats for my Etsy shop! For all you lovely peeps that have supported me on my Etsy journey, I've put a new page up on here called 'Craft Shop' (also found in [...]

Shop Is (Finally) Live!

Evening peeps! Jist thought I'd let you know my Etsy shop is now up and running! !! At last! ☺😊😀😃😆 If you're on Etsy, my shop is APoLCrafts...for those who haven't discovered it yet, I'm in the process of linking it to all my social media so you'll be able to find it there. ☺ [...]

And So It Begins…

Morning Peeps! Actually, more than one thing is beginning...exciting stuff isn't it? The birthday celebrations start today! Teenager's birthday isn't until Tuesday but school and work mean celebrating with family is easier we're off to a local Italian Restaurant this evening to celebrate my little pasta-addict being another year older! Secondly, I am literally in the process [...]