A Message for New Teachers

Howdy Peeps! An amazing colleague of mine at my new job is an admin on a Facebook group for trainee/new teachers... he wrote this beautiful post that explains exactly how every teacher feels; I just had to share because it's perfect (I have his permission of course). Post was: "Best of luck to everyone starting [...]

Cake Glorious Cake!

Howdy Friday Peeps! Probably not a compatible with my diet and healthy living posts but...cake! I've not eaten any I promise, but if you're easily tempted you may want to look away now. I found a cake decorator on YouTube called the Icing Artist and her cakes are amazing... you can find her here. I [...]

Don’t Stay In School…?

Howdy Peeps! My daughter showed me this video going around YouTube and social media that's getting a lot of interest from pupils and educators alike and I wanted to share it with you. Obviously, I don't agree with the title- but I don't think the lad singing does either. He makes some excellent points; listen [...]