A weird one…

Howdy peeps Sorry I've been MiA for a few days, literally been sat at the laptop for a week working on 2 essays. Happy star wars day btw! 🌠👩‍🚀👽🤖 Today's a weird one; uk usually have a bank holiday the first Monday of May, but there isn't today. Firstly, bank holidays don't really have an [...]

Star Wars Day!

Happy Star Wars Day Peeps! May the force fourth be with you!  😉 I love celebrating anything sci-fi, but today is also a sad day for us Star Wars fans as yesterday we found out that Peter Mayhew passed on 30th April. Mayhew is best known for playing Chewbacca in the original trilogy and some [...]

May is Coming!

Afternoon Peeps! Despite the weather suggesting otherwise, it is nearly May! May means a lot of things: My grandma has her birthday soon (and would shoot me if I told you the number, so I won't). Blog renewal/changes/anniversary of official launch...more info soon.😉 Is stroke awareness month.. we are supporting it at work with our [...]