Back To School (Universal)

Hey Peeps! Thought I'd share my list of back to school essentials for any age group, whether you've got a kid starting school or are in Adult/Higher Education...or anywhere in between, these will work: Pencils. Let's start with the obvious: Mechanical or not, get several and buy either ones with eraser tops or buy separate [...]


Back to School stuff

Hi-de-hi peeps. Are you bank holiday sale shopping? Now is a great time to pick up some bargains for back to school. Generic clothes and such are on sale, particularly in the supermarkets. Even our little sainsbury's has some vests, pinafore dresses and undies available. They also have a load of stationery and drinks bottles [...]

School Stuff!

How-do Peeps! So I realized my Christmas-obsessed-self hasn't done an education post for a while, so I thought I'd combine the two. Christmas is a brilliant time to get school stuff. It's cheap because it's not 'back to school' time, there's loads of choice and they may need replacing after a whole term! Boring but [...]