Ice Lollies

Howdy Peeps! It may be cooler this week, but it's still summer so who wouldn't want an ice lolly? My method has always been to make lollies using fruit juice or double-strength squash and put it in a supermarket mould...quick, cheap and easy. I'm trying to find healthier recipes and came across a website called [...]


Recipe Round-Up (Sorry it’s been a while)

Hey ho Peeps! I've seen lots of yummy inspiration this week, so I thought I'd share some! If you want healthy and fresh then Valley Vegetarian is the first site I'd point you to, they recently added a Grilled Caprese Sandwich and a Jambalaya, but there are dozens of recipes on there and they are all helpfully [...]

The Beginning of the End

Morning Peeps! It's getting exciting around here! In just a few short weeks we'll break up for the summer holidays! The Exam-takers are in the process of leaving this week... the prom season is upon us! I had a conversation with my daughter that went something like "There are no normal Fridays in July, so [...]

Happy Saturday

How-do Peeps! I'm sure you don't need me to tell you it's Royal Wedding Day! Prince Harry and Meghan get married today at noon (UK time...TV coverage from 11am). I'm just happy for Harry after everything he's been through, he deserves happiness. It's also cup final day for the football and a gloriously sunny day...I [...]

Let The Sunshine In

Morning Peeps! Firstly, Happy Saturday! 🙂 I went out this morning with Bailey and was cold to start with, but I walked from shadow into the sunlight and the warmth was incredible! It made me smile because it was so much appreciated. I want to exercise more and feel that being outdoors is good for [...]