Hey Peeps...I'm Back! 🙂 Had a ridiculous headache Tuesday into yesterday, so I hope you got my Facebook / Instagram message explaining? I know a lot of you did because I've had lots of get-well-wishes...thanks for the love. I want to have a chat about kiddos this morning, specifically trying to get them to do [...]


How To Avoid Tantrums

If you've got little kiddos then you've probably experienced a tantrum/hissy-fit/screaming session. Here are a few helpful tips to minimize these. EXPLAIN: I can't stress this enough, if someone just said to you "come with me now and don't ask me about it," would you be a little prickly towards them? Give clear instructions before [...]

Trust and Reward

We love being parents! ❤ Watching things like World's Strictest Parents and Super-nanny really grieve my spirit, but the Strictest Parents we watched yesterday weren't that strict and we agreed with a lot of their system for dealing with issues.....so I thought I'd share what we do: We don't scream at kids or smack them. [...]