Change Is Afoot

Howdy howdy howdy Peeps! 3 days in a row on a proper computer! Woohoo! Last night the weather was so bad there was no internet/phone line for a I was worried I wouldn't be able to so this today, so relieved to be connected again so I can talk to you lovely peeps! 🙂 [...]


Guess Who’s Back?

Howdy Peeps! The computer problem is (finally) resolved, so we should be back in business! **Whoop whoop!** So nice to be typing on a keyboard again! Should be back to normal now...well, normal for me! 😉 So I'll see you all soon with proper posts (many of which will be Christmas-related, you have been warned!) [...]

Last Minute Shopping!

Morning Festive Peeps! So last night I saw a TV ad for Amazon saying Last Minute Shopping has begun! Most of you will know I'm an Amazon affiliate, but I wouldn't do this if I didn't love the service...we use Amazon a lot in our family. So here are my top Christmas items you can order [...]

Entertaining and Exciting Stuff

2 Weeks to go Peeps!! So that's your first bit of excitement, what's next? It could be the upcoming Star Wars film? If you're looking forward to The Last Jedi this weekend, check out the Super Carlin Brothers' theories, predictions and trailer analysis here. Oh and congrats to J Carlin and his wife on the [...]

Kids and Screens

Morning peeps! I'm jumping on a hot topic this morning: Screen time for kids. If I'm honest I've always felt a bit too sloppy on this one, but maybe I was too hard on myself.... I read a Psychology article recently saying that too strict policing of it (by parents) can be harmful to the [...]