Howdy Friday Peeps! It's been an interesting week, not least because we are still in weather warnings: Stay safe and stay away from the coast as they reckon it's 5m surf offshore and high tide will be 30cm+ (1ft) higher than expected. Today is Friday, wet and windy but it's Friday. No 4:30 alarm tomorrow [...]


On The First Day Of Christmas…

...My true love gave to me....I don't know I haven't opened it yet! 😉 Happy Christmas Peeps! There's a lot of symbolism in the 12 days of Christmas. Starting today and ending on Epiphany (when the wise men came). The song at face value seems to be a romance story with gifts of rich food, [...]

Parenting Givers

Howdy Peeps! I've been thinking about what Martin Lewis said about people expecting too much and feeling pressured to spend too much at Christmas. We have always tried to show our daughter the value of giving...even if it's a token gift or handmade item; cost doesn't matter, thoughtfulness does. She knew from a very young [...]

Let The Sunshine In

Morning Peeps! Firstly, Happy Saturday! 🙂 I went out this morning with Bailey and was cold to start with, but I walked from shadow into the sunlight and the warmth was incredible! It made me smile because it was so much appreciated. I want to exercise more and feel that being outdoors is good for [...]

Happiness in the Little Things

Happy Saturday Peeps! I was going to write about selling unwanted stuff, but that'll keep for another day because I wanted to thank you all for being one of the lovely parts of my week! These last 3 days have been a huge success blog-wise and you're all so friendly and encouraging, I'm really touched. To [...]