Hello Festive Peeps! It's decorating day!!! Whoop whoop! It's the final countdown and there will be lots of last things; I'm working today but after that I'll only have one more Saturday on shift before Christmas! My Daughter's school has a 2-week timetable, so there is only one week B to survive now (as this [...]


Goodbye November!

Howdy Peeps! Happy St. Andrew's day to our Scottish readers, happy 'last normal day of the year' to everyone else! November has brought a lot of change, good and bad- but mostly good. There has been a lot of work and a fair amount of fun. Life goes on and we speed towards December. So [...]


Morning Peeps! Mega excited now as we're into the last week of schooldays, clubs and such!! I've just seen a post by Christy at When Women Inspire suggesting family activities for Christmas. There are lots of things to do, decorations to re-use and set routines that we have for Christmas day. Tradition and repetition help small [...]