Banana Bread Recipe

Hi Peeps! Slightly late (sorry, essays and teenager off school) but here is my yummy banana bread: We were looking for healthier recipes and this has no fat and only 128 local per slice for when you need a sweet treat. The recipe we found is from All Recipes UK and you can find it [...]

Easy Treats

Hi Peeps! My daughter needed a dessert idea for her catering lessons and we found these gorgeous little pastries.... Easy if you buy puff pastry (of course, the catering student wants to make her own). Also, they have fruit on so are perfectly justifiable! 😉 Fruit and Cream Cheese Pastries from Just A They [...]

A Random Sunday

Howdy Peeps! We skived off yesterday to have a family there was no blog, sorry. We had a great time! Went shopping, ate out and had a decent walk. We were going to go to the cinema but it was a bit warm for that yesterday afternoon- wanted to get out in the lovely [...]

Gift Recipe Round-Up

Hey-ho Saturday/Epiphany Peeps! Having dealt with Christmas and New Year's, The shops are straight onto Valentine's and Easter. Think you've had enough food? Ne too, but by Valentine's I might be tempted. So I thought I'd share some recipes that can be used as gifts for any holiday/special occasion. Jenny at This Tiny Blue House [...]