Howdy Peeps! A couple of weeks ago we went to Creationfest (see Festival Worship!) and I said that I  loved to shop there. I bought this beautiful plaque for my kitchen wall.... I have always loved the Armour of God passage in Ephesians, it includes the shield of faith so this instantly grabbed my attention. I [...]

God-Given Discernment

Morning Peeps! So, a couple of times this week I've talked with different people about 'gut instinct' and feeling something is or isn't right. That's a great tool to have, but so many of us ignore it! It's not you 'being silly' or 'irrational' or's a God-given's meant to keep you and others [...]

Trust and Reward

We love being parents! ❤ Watching things like World's Strictest Parents and Super-nanny really grieve my spirit, but the Strictest Parents we watched yesterday weren't that strict and we agreed with a lot of their system for dealing with I thought I'd share what we do: We don't scream at kids or smack them. [...]