Healthy Eating

Morning Peeps! It's Saturday!!! 🙂 We're actually only starting our New Year healthy eating this week. I know we're 3 weeks in but I do 4-week plans and budgets for groceries...and all the Christmas junk food is now gone. So I was looking for inspiration and found some gorgeous recipes, so I thought you might [...]


First Recipe Post of the Year

Happy Sunday Peeps! I've been looking for inspiration this morning and found so many yummy recipes, I simply must share with you! So here they are: This recipe for Vegan meatloaf caught my eye on Healthy Happy Hippie's blog. I'd be curious to try it because I often enjoy vegan food (although not being vegan, I may [...]

Specialist Recipes

Morning Peeps, Thought I'd share a few recipes with you that are for certain eating plans, but are in fact delicious and suitable for everyone else too: Enjoy! Jamie Oliver's Gluten Free Brownies Look yummy! (Although personally I wouldn't do the whip for on top.) I often see gluten free cake recipes appear on Facebook. These [...]