Nice News

Howdy peeps! The wedding was lovely yesterday! Beautiful day and a cute couple. Obviously not my place to share pictures of their wedding but I can share this one of me and my hubby in the photo booth... being our usual, sensible selves of course ūüėČ Also, a different gorgeous couple in my family had [...]


Going to the Chapel and We’re Gonna Get Married

Howdy Peeps! Well we're not getting married, we did that almost 17 years ago! However, today is the day my youngest cousin (on dad's side) finally gets married! He is marrying such a lovely girl, who has been part of our family for years now. It's so lovely to celebrate a marriage, especially with such [...]

Budgeting For The Big Day (Part 2)

How-do Peeps, hope you're all good? I promised y'all the 2nd instalment of this wedding budget thing, so let's do it: 6. Decor: You don't need to go nuts on decor with backdrops and balloon nets: if you're using a hotel they'll ask a colour scheme and put napkins in for you and maybe bows on chairs (this may [...]