Personalized Faith

Howdy Thursday Peeps! I was talking to our pastor yesterday about how different people work, what constitutes a break and how people handle faith stuff (like going to church). It always amazes me how God creates variety, especially in's a good reminder not to judge. Mr. B for example is a reader and over-researches [...]


No Other Idols Before God

Hello Peeps! Something my mum said struck me; her pastor had asked the church what they put first, then stated that anything we focus on more than God is an idol....OUCH! I always used to say we didn't put money first; we've never been a family who wanted designer, flashy stuff and that was my [...]

Awesome Worship!

Hi-de-hi Peeps! As you know, we went to CreationFest last night- which was awesome- so I thought I'd share some of the worship songs for you to listen to: They were all fabulous and honoured God in their performances. I hope you enjoyed this snippet [...]

Worship with Matt Redman

Howdy Peeps! If I want worship music in my house, one of my 'go to' artists is the lovely Matt I thought I'd share some of my faves here for you to have a listen. Blessings, Anna x