The Random Thoughts of an Amateur Blogger

Any of my nearest & dearest will tell you that when I say random, I mean random! You have been warned!

I wanted this page to collect all the posts that don’t fit into the other categories…. my brain has already provided quite a few.

I can (and probably will) talk about everything from philosophy to the weather, pets to parcels and other peculiar and varied topics… I hope you hang on in there!

Happy reading! x
Our Family:

Animals Are Funny!

Summer Plans

Random Thoughts…. On Father’s Day


Starting Again


20 Questions

Reflective Weekend

A Random Update…

Another Random (But Exciting) Update…

A Funny Kind of Day

Happy Birthday, Mr.B!!

A Little Catch-Up

Holiday Snaps…As Promised

Random News

Happiness in the Little Things


Love & Marriage

Living With PCOS

Welcome to the Madness!

New Things

Random Funniness

Exciting Stuff

Random Brain

My Dog Is Like A Toddler

Happy Bude-iversary!

And Relax…


The Real Meaning of Christmas


Crazy Week

What We’ve Been Up To…

January Review

And So It Begins…

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!

Next Week

A good day

Parenting Is Weird

Facebook Live!


Pennies Pasties and Parents

PCOS Update

One of Those Days

A Get Well Soon Cocktail

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…

Crazy Week/Entertainment Thoughts

Exercise is Key

Guess Who’s Back?

Change Is Afoot


Happy Friday!

Goodbye November!

Lots of Exciting Things!

Thinking Ahead

Acting on the Planning

Planner Stuff

My Week Update

What Does Healthy Mean To You?

Computer Issues

Family Traditions

A Leisurely Stroll

When Is A Work Day Not A Work Day?

Proud to be Cornish!


Happy St Piran’s Day

A Curve Ball and an Anniversary

Normal Service Resumes

Old Music and New Memories

Working Together

Better Than Expected

Bank Holiday News


Really Random Other Stuff:

Food Glorious Food

How to Survive Life

Stay Safe This Summer

Choosing to Laugh

A Quick “Thank You!”


Stand Up For Yourself & Others

Life Hacks

Staying Positive is a Choice

Round Up

I Object!

Things to Make Life Easier

A-Level Results and University

Random Tuesday Thoughts

GCSE Results Day

Unique Blogger Award

Saturday Randomness

We Will Remember

Quick Update


Something A Little Different

Round-Up Day

The Winds of Change


Paint By Numbers

Keeping Calm

Some Interesting Thoughts…

Big News!

Random Life Hacks

Remembrance Sunday


Random Shower Thoughts

Random Stuff for Everyone

December Shout-Out


Entertaining and Exciting Stuff

Goodbye 2017


A Big Thank You!

Best of Blog 2017

Time for Everything


Shop Is (Finally) Live!

Woohoo! Thank you!



Weather Watch

Just a quick celebration. ..

Storm Diana

Something to make you Smile

Oh the weather outside is frightful…

Blog Goals for 2019

Top 5 of 2018

Getting Older Hollywood-Style

Random Stuff and Thank You’s

Skin Product Review

Just For Fun

Faith In Humanity Restored

Happy Groundhog Day

Weather Warning….Again!


Why Brain, Why?

More Randomness

Please can you help

Happy St Piran’s Day

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Happy World Downs Syndrome Day!


Respect for our Forces

Happy Mother’s Day Ladies!


Happy Easter!

Tuesday News Day

Bank Holiday News

Congrats Meghan and Harry!