Christmas Music Review

How-do Peeps!

4 weeks to go! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I had 4Music’s 100% Christmas on this morning and it got me thinking… I love the retro Christmas music (Yes, I realise I’m calling myself retro…) but there are a few good Christmas songs that have appeared this side of the Millennium.

I will always love the Slade/Mud/Wizard compilations of my childhood (still haven’t quite forgiven Slade for Wizard only getting to number 2) but let’s focus on the here and now.

Rules: Actual Christmas songs, not X-Factor winners and stuff from films that happened to come out at Christmas. (I don’t dislike Sugarbabes’ Too Lost in You, especially as it was in Love Actually, but it’s not Christmassy!)

So here’s my Christmas Chart Toppers:

10. Ricky Tomlinson, Christmas My A*** ,,, cheeky but for a good cause as it was to help the charity who supported teens like his son, who he lost that year. On a personal note, I lived in Liverpool then and Ricky performed it at the lights festival, with some very well-timed festive sound-effects to cover certain lyrics! 

9. Bo Selecta, Proper Crimbo…Never a fan of his shows and detest the use of the word ‘Crimbo’ but there is something about it, so you can’t help singing along …sorry.

8. Christina Aguilera, The Christmas Song… A classic renewed. She has such an amazing voice shown here in a way ‘Genie in a Bottle’ never could.

7.Christmas is All Around, from love Actually is hilarious… amusing to the teens now old enough to watch it because they will know Bill Nighy as Davy Jones from Pirates of the Carribean, or as Grand-Santa from Arthur Christmas! LOL

6. Leona Lewis, One More Sleep… just too catchy, and great fun to sing (at the top of your lungs) on Christmas Eve 😉

5. Coldplay, Christmas Lights…a bit slow for me at Christmas but we like Coldplay in this house and it was a nice attempt at a 21st Century Christmas song. Well done boys!

4. Band Aid 20, not the best rendition but Band Aid makes us all nostalgic (watched the original earlier and several of them are no longer with us,,, slightly depressing 😦 ) and it was my baby’s first Christmas, so again emotions win.

3. Michael Buble…any of it, Definitely the most played album in my house.  He released the album in 2011, but a lot of these songs are vintage with a swing/jazz/blues twist… Mr Buble we love you!

2. Peter Kay/Geraldine, Once Upon A Christmas Song… hilarious, festive and for a good cause!

1. The Darkness, Christmas Time….I know the lyrics are cynical but it’s only because he’s heartbroken…and who can resist a good rock session on air guitar?

Perhaps, the 70’s glam-rocker in me won after all?! 😉

Have a great day peeps!

Anna x

P.S. I hope you go around humming Christmas songs all day because of me! 😉


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