Hi there!

This is my latest page and it’s a place for learning. 🙂 Here we’ll cover school work, exams and beyond. I want to help you minimise stress and maximise results.

You’ll find advice, educational resources and activities to help with learning. Enjoy!

All Ages:

Back To School

Leavers’ Day

School Choices

Careers and Options

Learning Resources

School Stuff!

Keep Dreaming

Tips from a Teacher

New Year, New Lessons

Education News

Anti-Bullying Week

Last Monday…

Back To School Week

Time Management 101

School Transitions

SATs Reminder

Happy World Downs Syndrome Day!

GCSE and A-Level:

Revision Time!

GCSE Results Day

A Level Results and University

New Grading Explained

Mock Exams

Non-Christmas Post For Students

Encouraging Without Pushing

GCSE Revision Tips

University Level:

A Level Results and University

University/College Finance

University Budgeting


How To Do Mondays…

After School Snacks

Kids and Screens

Letting Go

Choosing A School

Attitude to Learning

A Message To Stressed-Out Parents

Choose Your Battles

Parenting Almost-Grow-Ups


9 thoughts on “Education

  1. Brilliant…………… if you can pass on some of those skills I have seen you use to benefit children, maximise their potential and help them to just shine, in your kind calm and positive way………. that will be just fab!!!

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