The Real Meaning of Christmas

Morning Peeps!

It’s a mere 10 days until Christmas! YAY!! 🙂

Today is special to me and always reminds me to focus on Christ and not the Christmas hustle and bustle.

20(!) years ago today I asked Jesus to come into my life and lead me where I’m meant to go. I prayed a prayer acknowledging what was screwy in my life, declaring that I believe Jesus to be who the Bible says He is and asked Him to show me which way I should go.

I was ‘born again’ if you will, so I guess today’s my spiritual birthday! Whoop whoop! (As an aside, if you are of the belief that being born again happens at the point of baptism, I did that the following June.)

It was not a huge, sudden revelation or 180 on a previous life, just a slow realisation and discovery process that led me to believe utterly and completely in the Salvation that comes through Christ.

In the year leading up to that point, I had seen my cousin’s confirmation; started attending the church where the youth group was organised from (I’d been going to the youth club for 2 years by then); been to my first funeral and just experienced general college-pressured life…all these things made me think about the greater meaning.

So today I choose to focus on Christmas as a time to remember the birth of my Saviour (I know it wasn’t the actual day, but the point is we remember) because without Him being born, the salvation we receive from His sacrifice on the cross couldn’t have happened!

Have a blessed day and a happy penultimate weekend before Christmas!

Anna x

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