The Sales Begin…

Happy Boxing Day Peeps!

Did you all have a lovely Christmas?

We had a great time with family and were given lots of nice things, even the dog had prezzies!

One of my gifts was an Amazon voucher, so like millions of others I will have a look at the sales today. Here are my top tips for sale shopping:

  1. Family come first. I will not be browsing when my family are awake and hungry. If you go sales shopping with your daughter as a day out you both love, then good for you; Enjoy it! If one of your clan doesn’t enjoy it, don’t go!
  2. Always stick to the budget! Set a budget for sale shopping like you would anything else (If you don’t have a regular budget yet, start here —-> Why We Have A BudgetBudgeting BasicsFinancial Help and Useful Info) Mine, for example, is Amazon voucher + £10 (if I don’t go over on Amazon, I can spend that £10 in town).
  3. There’s no such thing as a ‘Once In A Lifetime’ deal: This is just a gimmick designed to help you part with your cash. To stop yourself being sucked into these, sleep on it. Have a think about if you really want/need it and if you still feel the same tomorrow, then buy it. If you miss today’s price by doing this, then wait until the next sale or look elsewhere.
  4. Shop around: My Sainsbury’s regular price on an item can be cheaper than the sale price in Morrisons… or vice versa. It’s the same with bigger ticket items. As a side note, sometimes even online and discount stores aren’t the cheapest…so try literally everywhere.
  5. Have a list: Lists are not just for boring stuff like cleaning supplies… I have a wishlist on Amazon and one in my notebook of things I want or need, some for pampering myself, some for future projects, some for the home…so if I have some money to spend I’ll see if any of my wishlist items are on sale, then I’m not caught by browsing!


As a bonus bit of info for you, try Martin Lewis’ tips to stop over-spending, about halfway down that page there’s a checklist of questions to ask yourself before buying anything…I love it!

So I hope that helps you to enjoy the sales wisely… I’m off to check my Amazon list and make  Cheese Straws before my parents come for lunch 🙂

Enjoy your day!

Anna x

 Photo by on Unsplash

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