Speak Life

Morning Bank Holiday Peeps!

We had an awesome sermon at church yesterday about not partnering with darkness.

The Bible warns us loads of times to watch our words (You can find a Bible study on it here) because they can tear other people down, bless and curse.

Something our pastor said yesterday struck me; if you moan about a person and speak negatively about them then you’re kind of prophesying over them to be like that. You may also (subconsciously) act towards them in a way that makes them behave how you expect.

There’s a good side though; if you speak life over someone or something then God can work in the situation. The person/people will see you being kind and positive, which may have a positive effect on them or their circumstances.

So we should try to stay positive in mind, speak positively and pray/speak scripture over a situation. God’s got this!

Have a great day!

Anna x


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