And so it Begins…for Uni Students

Howdy Peeps!

If you have recently installed a uni student in their new home (or are about to) then check out the sales on homewares and kitchen appliances!

Both Sainsburys and Asda have got my attention with ads for these sales.

It’s a great way to get stuff they need (or buy spares for when the sales aren’t on).

Just make sure to get them PAT tested by an electrician if the student accommodation requires it or you could be in for a hefty bill if there’s an electrical fault/fire.

Not going to uni? This is a great time to buy or replace kitchen essentials and small appliances for your home… or as Christmas gifts…or as a marriage/New home gift.

Basically it’s a good idea to go hunt through the sales!

Happy bargain shopping peeps!

Anna x


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