Budgeting For Little Things

Morning Peeps!

I am sat here with the tree lights flickering away and Wonderful Christmastime playing away, ❤

When I say ‘little things’ I don’t mean the kids, I mean all those little bits that aren’t food or gifts. While I’m talking Christmas, this principle should be applied to tour budget all the time.

Things to include:

  • Special occasion items; such as cards, crackers and napkins. At Christmas you may have birthdays to remember too!
  • Pet food.
  • Toiletries, loo roll and sanitary products.
  • Cleaning stuff, washing up liquid/dishwasher detergent, bin bags
  • Medical stuff, particularly pain killers and plasters.
  • Sundries like batteries, sticky tape and string.


Most people, us included, just buy this stuff as part of our groceries, but if you are in a debt management plan they separate household and pets from your own food budget.

Unless you have a huge number of guests coming, your normal amount of stuff should cover you over the few days you won’t shop, but plan when you go so you don’t run out or it’s too late/busy and out of stock.

I’m sure I shared this last year, but I read about a lady who put a basket under the tree with scissors, batteries and such in for present opening: Great idea! In our house, Santa usually puts batteries in one, or both, of our stockings and everything else is where it usually is (largely because we have animals and small visitors).

As a final thought for today, try to include giving in your budget too. It doesn’t have to be a fortune, just change from your ‘blow money’ can make a huge difference. If you don’t normally carry cash, please make sure you have some on you when shopping as there will be charity collectors out and about, or you could donate an item of food to your local foodbank.

Have a blessed Sunday,

Anna x


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