Non-Christmas Post For Students

Howdy Peeps!

3 weeks today is Christmas Eve! YAY!…. but before that there are still 2 weeks of school.

Most year 11 students have sat through Mock exams in the last month and are awaiting results…some come this week! (Don’t worry if they don’t, some schools don’t get them til after Christmas.)

What I want to say to all of you GCSE-takers is not to panic if you’re not happy with your mock grade. It’s fine and here’s why:

  1. It’s December. You still have curriculum to learn, you probably had at least one question that you had no clue about but that’s OK…it’s not May yet!
  2. I have personally watched pupils go up a grade, or even 2, in the time between Mocks and the real exams. There is time yet, don’t panic.
  3. There are probably more mocks to come (closer to the actual exams) that will give you a better idea of what you’re good at and what needs work.
  4. Part of the reason for mocks is to get you used to the exam environment so at least you know now what to expect.
  5. No one ever asks for mock grades when you’ve done the real GCSEs. In fact most over-30s probably didn’t take mock exams so wouldn’t even think to ask.

So whatever grades you get, chalk it up to experience and see what to focus your revision on.

Good luck and keep going…I know you’ll be fine.

Anna x


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