Happy Birthday Mr.B!!

How-do Peeps!

My lovely hubby is a year older today! (I can get away with that because he’s older than me! LOL!)

Aside from having a good laugh at his age, today will be kind of low-key because we’ve been on a trip and got back late. Today will be mostly picking up animals and maybe cake with family, but I wanted to tell you about Mr.B…..

Firstly, I love him and have done for over 16 years (!) which makes me happy, even if I feel slightly old because of it!

Secondly, he’s put up with me for 17 birthdays now! Man needs a medal, or a cream pie in the face, I can’t decide.

Thirdly, there are all these things he does (that I love about him):

  • Loves God
  • Makes me laugh
  • Stays calm in a crisis
  • Being Mr Positivity
  • Being a good great daddy
  • Always learning something new
  • Always trying to help others
  • Just being his crazy self


…just thought I’d share. What do you love about your other half?

Anyhoo, I’m off to celebrate, retrieve my animals and rest.


Have a great day y’all!

Anna x


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