Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful…

Morning Peeps!

Yes, I did just quote a Christmas song as my title, but it is justified! It may not be snowing but the rain is absolutely pelting down! Even my adventurous cat just shot in like a rocket. (She’s a bit damp!)



As you know I’m a Christmas Addict (and proud). I have been watching Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas on Channel 4 catch-up. If you live outside the UK, or in it and somehow don’t know what I’m saying, allow me to explain: Kirstie Allsopp is a TV presenter that started on a property show and now does DIY, restoration and decor shows….especially at Christmas! She is my kindred spirit and I love her. ❤ You can find shows here.

Over the years we’ve made several of the things shown, last year we made origami sleighs and lip balm.

This year, my first as a blogger, 🙂  I joined Pinterest. If you follow me on there you will see my Christmas board has gone nuts! I make no apologies, you’ve got this for the next 11 weeks 😉 I want to try a hundred crafts, but will probably pick only 4 or 5 as I said in my blog The Pluses and Minuses of DIY.

My top picks for this year (at the moment) are:

  • Filled Mason Jars or Mugs…. fill with the dry ingredients for a recipe, sweets, treats or even stationery. Fun, inexpensive and versatile! Love it.
  • Handmade tree decorations: from stuff we have already, like wood, string and wool. Nothing too complicated.
  • I may be brave enough to try a wreath, either of the ones Kirstie made or one I saw online which had gifts attached with ribbon….but I do have a gorgeous wreath my mum bought for me a few years ago made of red and white sleigh-bells, which is tough to beat.
  • My daughter and I always make her advent calendar (because she has inherited the Christmas gene) and there are at least the next 2 years sorted by things we’ve found on Pinterest. I think we’re going for the goldfish bowl lucky dip one this year….exciting stuff!
  • Last, but by no means least, little sock snowmen: They can be found on Pinterest here or you can watch the YouTube video below


I hope I’ve inspired you to start Christmas crafting….it’s a great way to stay busy when the weather is lousy and you get to do something festive to keep you going until you can put the decs up!! 🙂

Have a lovely Saturday chums,

Anna x


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