Hey Peeps…I’m Back! ūüôā

Had a ridiculous headache Tuesday into yesterday, so I hope you got my Facebook / Instagram message explaining? I know a lot of you did because I’ve had lots of get-well-wishes…thanks for the love.

I want to have a chat about kiddos this morning, specifically trying to get them to do something. We’ve all been there; toddler throws a wobbly in the middle of a supermarket or in the kitchen…or just about anywhere else! So here are some tips for dealing with it x

  1. Prevention is better than cure: If they’re tired and hungry they won’t be willing to comply, same as we wouldn’t. If they still have naps, let them nap first. Whatever age they are, they won’t cope with a really long day; I know it’s tempting to do all the jobs at once, but they¬†will be too tired and grumpy if you go to toddler group, then shopping, then home and ask them to help with something. Be realistic.
  2. Explain stuff: Warn them that you’ll be leaving soon, explain what you’re doing/why you’re doing it (for example, to get dinner or see a friend) and if you have to discipline them, that needs explaining too.
  3. Be consistent: With your discipline and your expectations. You probably rolled your eyes when I said to be consistent because we all know that’s the key to discipline and reward, but it’s also true of expectations; if your child doesn’t sit up at the table at home, then you can’t expect them to understand why they should in a restaurant or at a friend’s house.
  4. The big one; Distraction: If you spend any time with a toddler or pre-schooler you’ll soon recognise the signs they’re going to kick off (even if you’ve explained it thoroughly). In comes the distraction tactic.¬† Most wobblies are because they can’t do something and they’re frustrated, but if you offer something they can do it helps them feel better and they’re learning new skills.
  • If they play up at home, get them to help with the washing or dishes (they can put plastic stuff away at 2, your best plates may want to wait a couple of years!)
  • If you go grocery shopping give them a list or ask them to pick something out/hold something… if they are old enough you can even give them a basket to get a few bits,¬†like bread or other light stuff.
  • If you want them to sit at a table, at home or out, find something for them to do; talk about what you can see or give¬†them some crayons and paper (a lot of family-friendly places provide them, like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut or Whitbread group restaurants). You wouldn’t want to sit there in silence and wait for your food, would you?


So that’s my coping strategies; talk it through, have realistic expectations and distract them so they don’t drive you to distraction!

Have a good one peeps!

Anna x


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash


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