Random Life Hacks

Good Morning Peeps!

Much milder here today, thank goodness! (As a side note, I’m quite proud of that moody picture I took of our local beach 🙂 do you like it?)

I thought I’d share a few of my survival tips with you today, for those days when you need to stay calm, organised and in-budget.

Christmas Shopping (or any other, less exciting shopping): Viva La Difference! Find what works for you. We tried the cash envelope system, but living in a rural area meant expensive trips to town to get cash and if you lose receipts you’ve got no record of what you paid, other people love this system.

My mum and I were talking the other day about how we shop in different orders…she does highest priority/most expensive first, whereas I do it by the order I’m seeing people or need to post it (so my nearest and dearest are usually last on my list because I see them Christmas day). Find what works for you and stick to it.

Parenting A Teenager:  Can’t complain about mine really, she’s a good kid. The only times we have issues are when she has to be up early; she is not a morning person! In fact, she has a meme on her Facebook page that says “I’m only a morning person on December 25th….” Never a truer word was spoken!

I was never like this as a teen (or since) but then I think we’ve established I’m not normal! 😉 So I’m having to learn not to plan stuff before 11am, or if I have to (like a doctor’s appointment) then she’s warned well in advance. I also try to get her up earlier, I know that sounds weird but it’s to give her time to wake up and get used to the idea. Thirdly, Mr.B and I hate being late and it takes all my willpower not to point out to her what time it is when she’s getting ready, but it’s worth staying calm. If she’s late, the school will tell her off and she’ll giddy-up next time. My main reason is that I don’t want to create stress and make us both grumpy at the start of the day…it’s not worth it, give them some space.

Food Tip:  Have emergency food in your freezer and pantry. It doesn’t have to be a fully stocked larder, but something for unexpected guests or if pay comes a day late or weather keeps you house-bound. I usually keep extra sausages and milk in the freezer and beans, pasta and dry ingredients in the pantry (above what we’d use in a week). Sausage and beans with pancakes or sponge cake for dessert will please most kids that show up. 🙂

In Fact, A Second Food Tip:   If you’re like me and love to cook but are on a tight budget, then just try one new thing a week. I can tell you right now the cost of my grocery staples, but not the cost of chilli paste for example. So I allow myself £5-7 for that new meal I want to try. If I can’t afford the stuff I need in one go, I’ll buy the non-perishables like dried herbs and pasta the first week and the fresh ingredients the next week (like I do at Christmas).


I’ve filled your brain with random information and will now leave you in peace (so your heads don’t explode). I hope you find my survival skills useful.

Have a good day my lovelies!

Anna x


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