Festive Fun & Games

Hey-ho Peeps!

It is ONE WEEK until Christmas!! Eeeeeeeeeeeekkk! 🙂 🙂 🙂

At some point over the holidays, you’ll probably have people (big and small) to entertain…so here are my top games for the whole family to play:

1. Pass the Parcel: An oldie but a goodie, especially if you include forfeits! 😉 (Bonus of getting older kids to wrap it the week before, keeping them busy for an hour or two!) If your kids think they’re too old for it (basically that weird tween age where they haven’t regressed like the rest of us)  then try Pass the Sprout which is essentially a hot potato type game..they can have fun throwing it at each other as quickly as possible!

2. One I’m definitely going to try this year:


3. “Sing a word” game: I LOVE this… each person takes a turn to say a random word and everyone else has to sing a lyric with that word in (or something closely associated) you only get a point if you think of a song (and are not last) 🙂 No bonus points for being in-key…we’re not on Britain’s Got Talent!

4. Go and find…. This is limited only by your imagination! The caller shouts go and find a red sock (for example) …be prepared, you may not get a clean one and I have known kids grab relatives by the ankle and pull them to the caller to show socks without removing them! 😀 first back to caller gets a point (can be done in teams if you have very young kids who need help).

5. Who am I? If you’ve seen the kids game Headbandz, it’s basically like that (but cheaper and my mum thought of it at least 10 years before that game came out!)

Stick paper/ Post-It note to each player’s forehead or back (back better for cheating adults) with the name of someone (human or animal, character, cartoon, real person….anyone the play will have heard of) for them to guess by asking other players yes or no questions; E.g. Am I human? Am I animated? Is my hair black? Etc. The biggest challenge with this is naughty players who won’t just answer yes/no and give hints and ‘no but worked with them’ type answers! 😉

I hope you have fun over the festive season…let me know your favourite game!


Anna x


Photo by Mira Bozhko on Unsplash

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