Little Blessings

Howdy Peeps!

Full of the joys of spring today!

Lovely morning walk to town (as you can see by my picture) and I feel so blessed to be surrounded by the blues and greens of nature.

Got to the shop’s and was awarded a £5 discount voucher. .. Thanks very much! God always out-gives us, especially at tight times…like when you’ve paid for an MOT and had extra kids to feed! Was very grateful for that ☺ …and we had another little financial blessing today. So double gratitude!

Teenager is also off to do some free horse riding (in exchange for work) at a friend’s house and then a sleepover….so she’s ecstatic!

That also means Mr.B and I get a cost night cuddled up in front of the telly 😍

So just remember to be grateful for little blessings peeps, I certainly am today!

God bless,

Anna xx

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