Stuff To Do

Howd-do Thursday Peeps!

Y’know the other day I wrote Entertainment Galore? Well, I was thinking it sounded like we only ever sit and watch TV…

Mr.B and I are trying to be more active (which is easier in the lovely weather we’ve been having). We’ve been out walking more, been on the beach, in the water and are on the hunt for new-to-us bikes. (Pro-tip: Freecycle and Facebook for sale pages are the way to go, no need to buy new.)

We’ve also been talking about games and such we can do outside. We also talked about indoor games, and I discovered something new about my husband- (after 16 years!) he’s never played Battleships! So I am totally going to buy it and take it with us on our trip! Fun and games outside don’t all have to be outdoorsy, you can play board games outside in the fresh air.

We just want to make the most of the glorious part of the world we live in; after almost 3 years here, we still feel like tourists-and we love it! So we’re making the most of our family and couple time, hopefully getting a bit healthier in the process too! (Ice-cream aside 😉 )

Let us know what you like to do outdoors.

Have fun!

Anna x


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