Not Yet…

Hey-ho Peeps!

Sorry I’ve been out and about for a couple of days.

Well, it’s August. August means results time for our GCSE and A-Level takers, they may not be thinking about much else as they are preparing for their future. Please be gentle and encouraging if they are nervous and in limbo. A-level results are 2 weeks from today and GCSE results are in 3 weeks. It’s not time to panic.

Here are a few tips for results days and the next steps:

A Level Results and University

GCSE Results Day (You may also need New Grading Explained)

Never Too Late

On A-level results day I will be posting about what happens next (whether the grades were achieved or not) so keep your eyes peeled for that if you or someone you know would find it helpful.

Good luck!

Anna x


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