Howdy Peeps!

Sorry I was absent yesterday and earlier today… we’ve had computer issues! 😦 I think we’re all sorted now…hopefully!!

It’s been a bonkers week so I thought I’d update you…

It started with the carnival, which was fab, then fireworks Monday in aid of the Lifeboats.

So it’s been my last week of crazy hours in the gift shop (hooray! Back to normal…ish) and I’ve been given my shifts for September and October….so I think I know what I’m doing! 😉

This week coming is back-to-school time so there has been a whirlwind of organising and packing and planning and some last-minute shopping. It’s not that I’ll be glad for my daughter to go back to school (because I like it when she’s home)  but I love school…I always have and I like to see the kids I know (mine included) learning new things. ❤


Our tea party for the Cats Protection charity was lovely and we’re up to about £60 in donations.

Our wedding anniversary was a lovely, quiet day. We watched movies, had a glass (or two) of bubbly and some cheese & crackers….bliss! 🙂

There were 2 little anniversaries this week…if you’ve been here a while you may remember that it was last August bank holiday we said goodbye to our big black tomcat…I choose to remember the happy bits and not to be sad, because he made us smile so much when he was here!

Also on the bank holiday, it was 10 years since I came off the pill to try for baby number 2…I didn’t know about PCOS then. I will be posting an update on the PCOS soon because a lot of you seem interested and still read the first post I did on it, so if I can write something that helps or informs someone with the condition then I’m happy to do it.

It’s also now September, which means I’m in full Christmas-mode!

So you can probably see that my brain is a little scattered this week, but the good news for you lovelies is that I have lots of blog ideas for you!

Catch ya later!

Anna x


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