Back To School Week

How-do Peeps!

I know it’s Sunday, but I want to talk school with you. Most will have just gone back or are just about to in the next day or two.

If you have a child in year 6 they will probably sit Key Stage 2 SATs in May…and when they go back now the tests will be talked about and practised more and more frequently. This can make some pupils stressed but if they are prepared it won’t seem quite so scary.

The good news is that there are loads of free tools online to help. I often use to get free past papers. They have all of them there; 3 maths, 3 English. They also offer the KS1 SATs for 7 -year-olds and the lesser used KS3 Sats for 14-year-olds.

Even if you don’t use them as whole past papers, you can cherry-pick some questions on particular topics as every topic they have covered in English and Maths will be represented. Even if your child doesn’t have SATs for a year or 2 (or at all if they’re home-schooled or go to a school that has chosen not to do SATs) they are still a good guideline. Parents and pupils will know what the government expects of them; for example, everything on the KS2 SATs is what they should have covered in primary school (years 2-6/ages 7-11) so I think they are worth a look to know what we’re aiming for.

This is also true for GCSEs, but the resources are a little more complicated so we’ll save that for another day.

Happy Learning!

Anna x


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