More Randomness

Hello Peeps, Let’s have a chat.

Firstly, Y’all as crazy as I am! Yesterday, when I wrote the post Why Brain, Why? got one of the highest amounts of views this year! I also gained a new follower and someone viewed a Christmas post (Dude…respect for doing Christmas in February!) I love you crazy people, you are most definitely welcome in my world!

Secondly, I have a few film and music ideas for the blog…I was thinking about a separate entertainment tab (it’s currently in The Random Thoughts of an Amateur Blogger section). What do ya think? Is it something you’d read?

Thirdly, what the heck is going on with the weather? I’ve had 2 reports this week for our part of Cornwall… one says warmer (6-11C) and wet, the other threatening Arctic conditions by Thursday…in reality we’re somewhere in between, clear, frosty and misty (about 2C right now).

Lastly, Happy 50th to Jennifer Aniston! Yes, really! We are huge friends fans and love her work with Jim Carrey too.

Have a good one my (crazy) lovelies!

Anna x


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