It Was Acceptable In The 80s…

Hi-ho Peeps!

I love that song and can often be found signing it…maybe because I was am a child of the 80s.

So it was only ever a matter of time until I made an 80s themed planner spread. So here it is:

As you can see, I used plenty of bright colours and crazy patterns. I used some holo music stickers (I was going to add music/tv stars but I think those will be whole other spreads!) And the random bit of holo card I used to hold my neon sticky notes. 😆

I used game and toy references like my little pony, packman and Rubik’s cube. (I know it isn’t exactly a my little pony, but they came with my rainbow stickers and I’m not likely to use pink ponies any other time.)

Also, the image of the roller boots brought back happy memories; had those exact ones but in red not blue. ❤

Just for added fun I listened to Pirate FM’s 80s channel and pitch perfect versions of 80s songs while planning…. totally wasn’t signing loudly or out of key! 😉

Let me know what you think.

Have a lovely Thursday.

Anna x


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